Fan credits DeBord for support through kidney failure, loss of children.

February, 19, 2017

​Recently I was approached by a journalist from Indiana University Athletics, Taylor Lehman, who had come across my website. He emailed me and said that he wanted to do a story about my family, our story, and the relationship with one of their football coaches, Coach Mike DeBord. After giving it some thought I decided to do it. I saw this as an opportunity to bring awareness to kidney disease, fostering kids, and you never know who may be affected positively by a story.

​I have posted the link to the story below for you to read. It brings a smile to my heart to think that there is somebody out there who is willing to share the story of two ordinary people such as my wife and I. I want this story to be proof that you don’t have to be famous to get your story heard. You have your story and inspiration, but its up to you to go and find the mic.

​I HUGE thank you to Taylor, Coach DeBord, and the IDS team.