Encouraging chronic disease patients, their family, & employers throughKNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING!

Congratulations on a dream come.....

​It's mid October, 2003, and I have FINALLY seen my dream of playing college basketball come to fruition. We are just weeks away from our first game and it's time for a pre-season physical. I go to the blood pressure station and little did I know that my life was about to change forever.....


​Is what my blood pressure was when I had my physical leading to blood work that found my chronic kidney disease hiding. Just like that my basketball career is over due to the scare of blood pressure issues and not wanting to push the limit with college athletics.

It's beginning to look a lot like

​My life will never be the same again after a botched biopsy of the kidney just before Christmas. I ended up with internal bleeding and they had to save my life. From there my story just keeps getting weirder and weirder! By the age of 21 I began getting gout attacks. They went from 1 to 2 attacks a year to now 1 to 2 attacks a month. I am 31 now and it has been so bad I have had multiple surgeries on my feet and now looking at amputations.

​Oh yeah, and I have Adult onset Type 1 Diabetes

I mean why not, right? What's so hard having to deal with two chronic diseases when I can have diabetes as well. Which by the way, exacerbate my chronic issues.  However, God has blessed me and I want to share my story and connect with others who are fighting the battles of chronic disease. It is my mission to prove that Superman not only doesn't wear a cape, but he too is on insulin and 6 other meds he can't afford!

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